this is us.


p.s. all these BOMB photos of us were taken by our amazing friend Autumn Nicole


what we're all about


We've been together since we were 16 + 18 years old, and everyone thought it was just young love but we knew within a few months of meeting that we wanted to spend our lives together. We got married really young, (10 years ago, eep!!) started a family young, did all the tough stuff young, and honestly grew up together + learned how to adult, raise a family, and cultivate a close, loving marriage all at the same time!

Our home is a little old granny A-frame house up on a hill overlooking the mountains, and although its super outdated we love slowly renovating it and making it our own together!

We’re super quirky, goofy, love to laugh, and car jams at the top of our lungs are our JAM.
We’re also pretty nerdy + love card games, board games, xbox games and basically just allllll the games. If you’re a fan of cards or settlers of catan we’re going to be BFF’s!

More then anything, we love PEOPLE. Our family and friends are our entire world and we spend every free moment we have with the ones that we love!

Let’s be friends!!!


meet our fam-jam



What Kaylyn thinks about Sean: 

Sean is a dreamer,
problem solver,
a talented musician,
and an amazing friend. 

He has selective hearing, and no matter how close I put the hamper to him, he still leaves his wet towels and clothes on the floor. 

He loves Thai curry and pizza, making people laugh, and has a natural gift for every sport he plays.  

He is the guy that makes me coffee every morning, encourages me, and reads our kids bedtime stories every night. He gives me countless massages, and never goes a day without saying "I love you".



What Sean thinks about Kaylyn:

Kaylyn is a perfectionist,
high achiever,
talented artist,
and amazing wife and mother.

She never stops talking, so you will get to know her fast. 

She is thoughtful, caring and hardworking. She loves music and dancing, its not uncommon to find her dancing in the kitchen while she cooks dinner. Her goofy personality is contagious.

She is punctual, a planner and organizer. She's a creator and designer that makes everything look good; even me.



Cohen is our deep little feeler. 
He's an artist, 
lego expert,
and like his dad, great at every sport he tries. 
He loves to swim, + begs us to go swim at the beach every day, even in the winter. (he would try to get away with wearing swim shorts all winter long if we let him)
On a lazy Sunday, you'll usually find him drawing, inventing some new space ship out of lego, or jumping on the trampoline. 



Isla is our little firecracker. 
Full of energy, LOVE, attitude + the sweetest heart, she makes friends instantly with everyone she meets. 
You'll often find her dancing in the living room, pretending that her hairbrush is her microphone, and serenading us with whatever song she made up that day. 
Her facial expressions often look like something from a cartoon, she's overly expressive + such a hilarious, tiny human.