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Hey lovely

YAY I'm so glad you're here!!!
I've always been really passionate about sharing what I've learned over the years, and helping others to grow! It makes my heart SO FULL to share all of the little tips & tricks, shortcuts & tools for making your life easier as a photographer, so you can create a seamless workflow, finally get your work looking the way that you want it to, attract your ideal clients, earn the income you want, and still have time for your family and not be a slave to your work.
My goal is to help simplify everything for you, (workflow, editing, + the business side of things!) so you can have more time for the FUN stuff! (creating the emotive, authentic + deeply meaningful images you've been dreaming of + really making lasting connections with your clients!)

I'm SUPER excited to see how I can help you on your journey, and I can't WAIT to watch your work & business grow!

All mentor sessions are uniquely tailored specifically to YOU and what you want to learn.


we'll get to know each other + you can choose which package is right for you, then we'll get you officially booked in!
(currently booking mentor sessions 6-8 months in advance)

NEXT - I'll send you an in depth questionnaire for you to fill out, + your answers to those questions will give me the inside scoop on where you're at, + where you want to be, so we can bridge that gap, and I can start planning your mentor session!

THEN - we simply count down the sleeps until our little mentor session date! Easy peasy!

ON THE DAY - We'll cover anything + everything you want to know!

In previous mentor sessions we've covered things like:
- how to find + market to your ideal clients,
- how being FRIENDS with your clients will change your business
- directing for emotion + connection,
- workflow,
- editing,
- how to break into travel weddings,
- how to rock at instagram,
- branding,
- bookeeping + tax stuff
- building your own website

AFTER - once your mentor session is finished, I'll send you a recapp email covering everything we talked about, and an action plan for you going forward, so you can start seeing BIG changes in your business right away!!

SAY HEY & lets chat about what your mentor session could look like! 


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