I'd been feeling stuck for awhile. creatively speaking. I'd plateaued. I felt like there was no growth in my work, and I'd been struck with this impenetrable wall of writers block, and I just felt like I was grasping at straws, searching for any scrap of creativity within myself. 

I'd been longing to write, really write, from my heart, but I felt like there was no way to make it mesh with my clients posts and stories on our blog, without taking away from it or coming across as a narcissist. I don't know why I didn't think of having a personal blog sooner. It's been this flicker of an idea, swimming around in my head for the past few days, and I've finally decided to make the leap. and it's liberating.

This blog will be a Journal without expectations or boundaries. I'll write whenever the inspiration strikes, and it will be mainly dedicated to documenting our daily life, our love legacy,  as well as personal creative projects.
Be prepared to see lot's of images of my kids, self portraits of my own moments in motherhood, and some of the crazy creative ideas that usually pop into my head when I'm laying awake at 3am.

Sure, some posts will be uber personal. Some posts will be heavy. Some posts will be long, and some will be short, or consist of only images, and no words. But it'll be my heart here on this page. No walls. No fluff. Just me. Just us. Just our daily, crazy, beautiful and chaotic life with our littles, and my own personal journey as a mother, wife, and photographer. 

and if that's not your jam, then no hard feelings.
but if my quirky-ness is your cup of tea, and you have a love for sarcasm, moody images, travel, adventure, and occasionally staying in your pajama's all day (and by occasionally, I mean often) then we'll get along just fine.