Q & A


Where are you located??


We are SO lucky to call the Sunshine Coast of BC home. We live in a tiny beach town on the coast + it's awwwesome. We love our small town life!


Do you travel?


HECK YES we do. We take on a limited number of travel weddings (2-3) per year because travelling with kids (or leaving them behind) ain't easy! The top places on our bucketlist are: Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Thailand, Norway, Morocco, Jordan, Greece, Peru and Potugal! (but the list goes onnnnn!)


How do you do both photo + video? Who does what? 


It really depends on what package you choose, but most of the time, Kaylyn is the lead photographer, and Sean is the lead Videographer. If we're hired for an elopement we can usually cover most of the day with just the two of us, but if we're hired for both photo + video for a wedding with over 20 guests we will definitely have second shooters assisting us so no moments are missed! 


How long have you been doing photography? Do you do it full time, or do you have other jobs?


We've been full time now for 3 years! + it's been 4 years since we first picked up our cameras + taught ourselves how to use the dang things, and we’ve shot hundreds of weddings since then and attended photography workshops where we’ve learned from some of the leading photographers in the industry. We still pinch ourselves that we get to document LOVE for a living and work side by side every day!