say hey!!

We're SO stoked to connect with you guys!!! *happy dance*
BUT FIRST, an important little note from us, that you're definitely going to want to read!

We're SO happy that our images make you FEEL, & that that you're interested in working with us!  We put our heart and soul into every single couple that we work with, so it's important to us that we make sure we're the best fit for what you're looking for.

If you're just shopping around for the cheapest deal or looking for someone to take the perfect "cheese" smiling at the camera shots, we may not be the best fit, and that's ok because you deserve to have a photographer + videographer that fits all of your wants & needs.

If you feel most alive when you're exploring dirt roads, hopping on a plane to somewhere new, breathing in that crisp mountain air, cliff jumping, watching the sunset over the ocean, and are down to kick off your shoes and feel the sand between your toes, get your dress a little dirty & your hair a little [or a lot] windblown and leave with your heart filled to the brim, we'll be BFF's right off the bat. 

If you're wanting the images that take your breath away EVERY time you look at them, that capture who you two are deep down, and the little quirks that make your love unique, that's what we want to create for you.  

We want you to show up excited, and even though you'll say "we're so awkward in front of the camera" by the end of the shoot you wont even notice that we're there, you'll just be feeling so giddy + connected & blessed to be marrying your person.
(+ then after your shoot we'll grab tacos & beer to celebrate all of the

freakin' incredible shots we got!!)

We want to be more than just another vendor at your wedding.

We want to document all of the BIG, small, and in-between moments. 
The moments you'll want to re-live over and over again, long after the florals have wilted & the food has been eaten & the drinks have been drunk.

We want to capture the tear rolling down your dad's cheek right before he walks you down the isle.
Your hubby's beaming smile & glossy eyes when he sees you, his wife for the first time. 
Your grandma shaking her booty with you on the dancefloor.
These are the photos, the moments that you'll look back on with each passing anniversary, and one day share with your children + grandchildren.

YES, you'll still get the details & the formal family shots, but the moments we live + breathe for are always the un-posed + the un-planned. 


Let's capture the moments that make your heart beat hardest & create the images take your breath away, together.



Currently booked out for 2018, now booking for 2019 + 2020

weddings start at $4850
elopements + intimate weddings start at $3250
engagements + couples sessions start at $750

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lets be friends!

   We love it when couples really share themselves with us + what's meaningful to them right from the first email. Seriously, lets be friends! 
In a flood of inquiry emails, it's the ones that have taken a few extra minutes to intentionally share their story, fun deets + what's most important to them on their wedding day, that
really stand out + feel like good ol' friends to us right off the bat. 

SO,  Tell us all about you two!!
The better we get to know you, the better we can photograph you! 


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