Cozy at Home // Joseph & Gabby

The snow fell for the first time this year the night before their session so as I showed up at Joseph & gabby's place it was feelin EXTRA cozy inside that day. This was my second time photographing these two & like always, they welcomed me in with huge hugs. Gabby still had to finish up her makeup which gave me the perfect opportunity to scout out the best lighting in their home & I quickly settled on the living room, (I loved the big windows & open space, I knew I could get them MOVING!)  dining room (I fell in love with the succulants & window light, just had to re-arrange the room a bit in order to shoot there!) & bedroom (check out her hat wall. I'm. in. LOVE.) 

What I love most about these two is that their love is so effortless. We put music on and they were happy to dance around, quickly bursting into laughter, & letting their goofy side out. (always my favorite! Sean & I know first hand how being on the other side of the camera can be super uncomfortable at first, so you gotta just let loose & have FUN, and trust that your photographer will capture all of the little quirks & in between moments, WHILE making you guys look bommmb!)

I love to switch up movement & snuggled up shots so no one feels stiff, so we started out dancing, snuggled up, jumped on the bed, snuggled up, pillow fight, snuggled up, & finished off with a cup of tea on the couch! 

annnnd then they made me the best grilled cheese sandwiches I've ever had in my life. (SERIOUSLY. they had bacon in them. YUM.) 

Can't get enough of these two and their quirky, giggley, goofy, sweet & intimate love. 


[to watch behind the scenes footage from this shoot & the takeover I did on @showmeyouryou's instagram acct, head on over to Show Me Your You's blog! If you're a photographer and haven't heard of Show Me Your You, go check them out! They are the most incredible emotive prompt cards to bring out authentic emotion and connection, and I used a bunch of their prompts during this session!! Super affordable and makes SUCH a difference in your work.]

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