Beachfront Backyard Wedding on Bowen Island

Ian + Claire have been together 10 years, and knew that they wanted their wedding day to be completely woven with meaningful moments and a location that deeply resonated with them. Claire had spent her childhood summers playing at the beach in front of her grandparents house on Bowen Island, so they decided that returning to that same beach to say their vows, surrounded by their family + closest friends would mean the most to them.
It was a laid back, simple, connection focused day (literally our DREAM to shoot, all the emotional bonds between families make our hearts skip a beat!) and their only goal was to keep everything stress free + have FUN with their family + friends, and the entire day was exactly that!

One of my favourite moments during the day was when we had them alone for their couples portraits, we asked them to think of a moment during their past 10 years together when they were really proud of each other, and to whisper it to each other. The tears started flowing, and even though Sean and I had no idea what they were saying to each other, the FEELS that were in the air turned us into puddles.

The night ended with an epic dance party beneath string lights, with the ocean washing up on the shore only a few feet away, and heck yes, we totally joined in on that dance party.
I’ll forever have “ITS BRITNEY B*TCH” stuck in my head when I see these dance photos, LOL.

Thank you so much Claire and Ian for really welcoming us into your circle, for inviting us to be GUESTS at your wedding, for sitting us at the table with your family + friends + for shaking your booties with us on the dance floor. We love you guys and can’t wait to hang out again!!

Kaylyn + Sean

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