Love on the Oregon Coast

Hakeem and Jasmine met me in a little town called oceanside on the Oregon Coast while I was visiting there with my friend Jaleesa this past spring, and the moment we showed up it was stormy as hell. The wind was nearly blowing us over, there was monsoon rain coming in sideways, and the sand on the beach was basically freezing, but we decided to just brave it anyways! A few clicks into shooting and the clouds parted, the sun started to shine, (for about 10 minutes!) so we ran around trying to keep warm + chased the birds + laughed our faces off while they huddled for warmth. Before long the crazy rain was back, and we got to finish off the shoot drenched, out of breath from running around so crazy, and so giddy from the shots we got! So much love for these two + their willingness to just get drenched + embrace the elements with me!

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