Pitt Lake Anniversary Sesh // Dan & Alleigra

These two are two of my FAVES. 
Dan has been Sean's best friend for over half of their lifetime. (I won't tell you how many years, cuz that'll just make them feel old!) He was the best man in our wedding, and Alleigra was a family friend for years before these two got together, so it was pretty dang exciting when they first got together!! + here they are madly in love & coming up on 3 years of marriage!! 

I was so stoked at the chance to photograph these two alongside my mentee Cashmere during our mentor session earlier this month, while I showed her how I typically direct a couples session while capturing genuine emotion & connection. (Check out Cashmere's work here, she's such a sweetheart!!)

THESE TWO TOTALLY KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK. I feel like I can hardly take credit for how awesome these photos turned out, because I would just give them one simple direction/prompt and they'd run with it and totally make it their own. *which is every photographers dream*

Thank you Dan & Ally for just letting go & having fun with us, for embracing the rain, for freezing your tits off, and for lovin on eachother hard the whole time.