Embracing the Storm in Pacific City


We pulled up to Pacific City beach & I went to open my car door when suddenly WHACK the wind ripped the door out of my hand & flung it open, and rain started to blow sideways into the vehicle. -.- *que nervous laughter* "let's just have FUN with it! even if we only get to shoot for 10 mins lets just go have a blast!"

[surprisingly, we actually lasted close to an hour in that monsoon!!]

I've honestly NEVER shot in wind like that day on the Oregon Coast. We had to walk at a 45 degree angle just to stop from blowing over, and sand, rain & mud was coming at us sideways.  I had to dry my camera off literally like 79 times throughout the shoot, even with using my [super ghetto ziplock] rain cover bag. 
There's something about embracing the elements though. The fact that they aren't always ideal, and it's a factor that you CANT control during a shoot, forces you to work with the wind, the rain, the sand flying at your face & just embrace the chaos. 

As much as I love shooting at golden hour, most of my favorite shoots of all time [adding this one to the list!] have been in stormy weather.  The wind in their hair. The rain running down their faces. Having to huddle for warmth. All the things that make it hard for me to BREATHE when I look at these images. [and thanks guys for putting up with the rain & still managing to be all lovey & cute the entire time, YOU literally make the photos what they are.]

I'm definitly not a fair-weather photographer and I LOVE when couples are willing to get drenched & just HAVE A BLAST. 

Anthony & Natalie [ & Brittany Rossman who is an incredible Oregon based photographer who shot alongside me for this shoot!] were serious troopers, dancing on cliffsides & laughing their way through the entire sesh! 

After the shoot we ran into the pub next door, [covered in sand, mud & rain] & warmed up with some clam chowder & craft beer & it was goooood. My hands were shaking, more so from the rush of the shoot itself then the cold. 

Hands down the best part of this surreal job is connecting with such BOMB couples, getting to know their entire story & leaving the shoot feeling like we've just made new besties. 

Here's Anthony & Natalie's love for you: raw, carefree & so so sweet.


(also, if you missed the behind the scenes of this shoot, [mainly me, falling on my ass hahaha] go check out our instagram "BTS" highlight when you're done looking through the images!)