Adventurous Elopement in the North Cascade Mountains // Matt + June


Matt + June first met through mutual friends in high school, and then ended up in the same Math class. It wasn’t long before Matt asked June to be his girlfriend infront of their local Dairy Queen. (ahh, young love!)  They continued as highs cool sweethearts until June left for College after graduation, when they decided to part ways + end the relationship.

Fast forward 9 years and Matt stumbled across June’s instagram account, and decided to reach out! After chatting back and forth, they decided to meet in person to catch up, and quickly rekindled their long lost flame. June told me “I knew after our second date that I never wanted to be without him again. I  always have felt so grateful and lucky that I got a second chance with my sweet guy.” 

We hit it off with Matt and June after the first email, feeling like lifelong friends, and our emails quickly turning into novels! They’re the kind of people that make you feel SO special, they just genuinely care so much about every person in their lives. We feel so lucky to call them our friends!

Their story and decision to elope somewhere meaningful to them is SO inspiring, we wanted to share their own words with you on the heart behind their day, and how all their plans came together, starting with their proposal!  

“We took a trip over a long weekend to one of our favorite places - Whidbey Island. We had plans to spend some time at various beaches and do a couple hikes. I kind of had a feeling he would propose that weekend, but he definitely caught me off guard and surprised me!!

We started our morning with a beach trip to let our pup Todd, run around. Once we started walking Matt was like ‘look, I found a sand dollar!!’ I turned around and saw him holding it and proceeded to continue walking and playing with Todd (LOL). He threw the sand dollar and Todd ran after it, but Todd left it so I did too 🤷🏻‍♀️ Shortly after, Matt suggested we look for sea glass, and I thought that was a great idea so I started hunting. I hear Matt say again, ‘hey, look at this sand dollar..’ and he handed it over to me since I was still uninterested in it (LOL x2) and as I flipped it over to look at it, he got down on one knee and the sand dollar had ‘Will you marry me’ written on it!”


AHHH so adorable!!! So what made you decide to have an intimate + adventurous elopement instead of having a more traditional wedding?

“There were quite a few reasons we chose to elope instead of have a traditional wedding. The main reason we choose to intimately elope is simple - we wanted the day to be about us. We didn’t want to have to worry about other people, coordinate with other people, stress about a timeline for the day, or get so caught up in planning a wedding that we forgot why we were even doing it in the first place. We just wanted to quietly pour out our hearts and souls to each other without the chaos of the world. On top of that, we are wanting to buy a house this year and financially it didn’t make sense to spend so much money on one day. Don’t get me wrong.. I’ve been in and to beautiful traditional weddings. I’ve had so much fun celebrating. But I’ve also seen and heard brides stressed out or not able to fully enjoy THEIR day. And that never made much sense to me. Top that off with the fact that I was never the girl who dreamed about her wedding day and you get one small intimate elopement. ❤

Our elopement wasn’t a rushed last minute thing, we still took time to plan everything over the course of a handful of months. Matt made a beautiful wooden arch for our ceremony, I got flowers for it from a local farmers market, and my sister put my bouquet together from flowers I got from Fred Meyer the day before. I bought a beautiful wedding gown from Truvelle that made me feel like an absolute princess. Our only invited guest was our pup, Todd. And we had the besttt photographers to not only capture our day, but also be our two legal witnesses."

AWH, shucks GUYS, you’re too sweet!
So then how did you settle on the elopement location? Was it important to you guys to have a meaningful location? (+ why did you choose that location, instead of somewhere else)

“Definitely yes. Of course there are plenty of beautiful places that would make for gorgeous backdrops, but the area we ended up marrying at held a special place for us long before we got married there. We had done quite a few hiking dates in that area early on in our relationship. I initially wanted to get married on Whidbey Island since it is one of our favorite places and that is where he proposed, but during the winter it was more likely going to be raining than not. I decided I’d rather be snowed on than rained on-so we decided to go into the mountains. The area we chose is normally accessible during winter even with snow, so we knew it would be a good spot. Matt and I used google maps to scout out a few quiet spots up logging roads, in the middle of nowhere, that were still close to our Airbnb cabin. Then we spent a day adventuring and scouted them out in person, and once we saw that spot, we fell in love and knew we needed to have our ceremony there!”

AHHMAZING. Fast forward to the wedding day, what did it feel like when you got to see each other for the first time?!

June - “Oh my gosh I was soooo nervous! We woke up that morning and I said to Matt “Are you sureeee you want to get married??” 🤣🤣🤣 I was a little giddy before our first look, but also SO anxious. When I saw Matt for the first time, the biggest smile spread across my face. We exchanged our personal vows right after and all the jitters completely went away. I felt completely at ease, relaxed and didn’t even notice the freezing temperature.”

Matt - “My heart stopped and everything else around us disappeared.. I went into tunnel vision and nothing else mattered but us.”

(excuse my while I turn into a puddle) When you reflect back on your wedding day, what's one of your favourite memories? 

“Ugh, is literally everything an option!? From having our pup there, to staying at the cutest Airbnb cabin for the weekend, not having a set timeline and rushing on our wedding day, my sister crying sweet tears as she married us, to running around at golden hour for the first time as husband + wife with the best photographers around! And then waking up to SNOW FALLING the next morning at our cabin. It was truly one of the most magical days. There is nothing I would change about our day, and thinking about it always puts me back on cloud 9. It couldn’t have been more perfect and that entire day will always be one of my favorite memories.”

If you could give one piece of advice to engaged couples that are considering eloping like you did, what would it be?

“If it’s truly what you want to do, then do it. Don’t let tradition, your family or friends pressure you or tell you what to do. This day comes once and ultimately it’s about you marrying your person, nothing else. You won’t regret anything and everyone else will eventually get over their hurt feelings. I say this confidently because not only did we consider a small traditional wedding at first, we also ended up catching a lot of flak from our families for eloping. Follow your heart, because here’s the thing about your wedding day: It’s yours. And it’s a single day that passes much too quickly, so spend it exactly how you want to.”

I can’t even handle you two. Thank you so much for sharing your heart + soul + STORY with us!! We feel so honoured + grateful that you guys invited us to not only document your day, but to be a part of your day, and for welcoming us into your circle. We love you guys endlessly and will forever be grateful for this adventure + experience!! Cant WAIT to see what the next few years (and many more) have in store for you two!

Kaylyn + Sean

Press play to watch Matt + June’s Wedding Film:

The Team:
Dress: Truvelle
Florals: DIY’d by June (the bride)
Arch: DIY’d by Matt (the groom)
Makeup + hair: June + her sister Anne
Airbnb: Tyehaus
Boots: Lowa Boots
Rings: Joseph Jewelry
Blanket: Roko Dogwear
Todd (pup’s) Jacket: Hurtta Collection

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