Autumn Engagements in the Chilliwack Mountains


From dancing in wheat fields to chasing waterfalls + finishing off cozied up at an alpine lake as the sun set, there was never a dull moment while exploring with these two!
My favourite moment during the shoot was near the end, when they were all tangled up, chatting about what life will look like for them in another 5-10 years, and Phil leaned in to wipe away the little tear rolling down Kyla’s cheek and I melted into a puddle behind my camera.

Kyla + Phil, it made my heart so full to capture your love and all of the loud, laughter-filled, quirky moments as well as the cozy, quiet, intimate + deep moments. You two are GEMS and I left feeling like you two were old friends, and we could not be more stoked for your wedding next summer!!