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Mark + Steph

We don't really even know where to begin to thank you. From the first phone conversation we had, to our engagement shoots, to the wedding day and every email and text in between, you were such a pleasure to work with. Work doesn't even feel like the right word. You mention in your Instagram a lot you strive to become friends with the couples you work with, and you did exactly that. Many people, but especially the bridesmaids and groomsmen commented on how personable, fun, laidback, and efficient each of you were photographing our day. You were in our conversations the days after the wedding (How can we be friends with them!?)

Choosing you was one of the best decisions, if not the best decision, of our wedding. We looked through our photos together last night, listening to the playlist you sent. Every. Single. Photo. Tells a story. You captured the tiny details I was afraid I would miss. So many incredible belly laughs, tears, little looks and hugs between us, our families and between our guests.  You managed to be everywhere, and yet you remained in the background.  Looking through the photos brought the day back more clearly, we laughed, we cuddled we (I) cried. Reliving the day was even more special than we had anticipated. We hit the jackpot with you two. These photos are everything. You work hard, and you have an incredible gift. From the bottom of our full hearts - Thank you! Xo

The McKamey's 

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