We want to be more than just another vendor at your wedding.
We want to be your new besties,

think of us like we’re your bridesmaid + groomsman, with cameras in our hands!!

If you’re just shopping around for the cheapest deal, or looking for a photographer + videographer to take those perfectly posed “cheese, smile at the camera” shots, we may not be the best fit, and that’s ok!! You deserve to have a photographer + videographer that fits your wants and needs on your wedding day.
For us, we’d much rather show up on your wedding day feeling like old friends, rather than a vendor.

We want to capture the LOVE, the connection, the adventure, and the quirks that make your love + family unique, and we can only do that if we really get to know you two before the wedding day!
We want to meet you for drinks + hear how you met + who made the first move! We want you to text us photos of your dress so we can literally HAPPY DANCE with you and FREAK OUT over how incredible you look! We want to hear all about what you do for fun together. We want to know the quirky little things you two do that no one else knows about.
The better we get to know you two, the better we can capture your love!!

If you’re down to get your hair messy, your feet all sandy + your dress a little dirty, we’re probably the perfect fit!!
If you feel most alive when you’re hopping a plane to somewhere new, running around barefoot on a beach, cliff jumping into the lake, laughing until your cheeks hurt with your friends + family, or sipping craft beer as you watch the sun set over the ocean, we’ll be BFF’s in no time.
You’ve gotta be ok with us capturing all of the messy moments. The ones where you have tears streaming down your face + your hair isn’t perfect and your dress has a little mud on the bottom, but you literally look the HAPPIEST, and IN LOVE you’ve ever looked in your entire life.

Yes, you’ll still get the family portraits (the ones grandma will put on her fridge!) + all the details shots, but it’s the candid, unposed, genuine moments that make our hearts beat hardest.

We want to document the moments that you’ll want to remember, 20, 30 and 50 years from now.
We want to tell the story of your day in a way that you get to re-live it over and over again, every time you look through your photos + watch your wedding film.

We want alllll the emotion,
the connection,
the adventure.

Let’s capture your love genuinely, and beautifully, together.

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