Next workshop:

August 31st, 2019 in Hope, BC
[May 4th, 2019 in Squamish, BC - SOLD OUT]

don’t follow what everyone else is doing.
get the heck off the beaten path.

You’re scrolling through instagram and you see photo after photo after photo, all looking so similar + blending together.
You want to stand out from the crowd, but how the heck do you do it?!
You want to be getting inquiries from couples who really want YOU, for YOUR personality, but where the heck do you start?
You crave the genuine, natural, REAL moments, but no matter what you try, it just ain’t happening’ + your couples still look stiff + posed.
You WANT to feel confident + inspired + in LOVE with what you’re shooting at every single shoot, with every type of couple, in every type of setting.

If that sounds like you, We FEEL YOU friend, and we used to be right there with you.
We want to help you + share with you everything we’ve learned over the years, so YOU can make your dream job your REAL job, and be hella successful at it!

We’re hosting a full day of learning in a cozy little cabin, where you’ll get all comfy + sip coffee while we teach you:
how to market your personality + attract madly-in-love, adventure-lovin couples (+ ALLLL our instagram tips!)
how to cultivate real connections: before, during + after the shoot (+ create the images that set your soul on fire!)
+ how to maintain lasting friendships with your couples (+ make sure every couple leaves as your raving fan!)
Our guest speaker Jaleesa Matteazzi will be showing you how you can make the leap from part-time photography to full time,
and sharing her own experience of how she left her nursing career for her photography career, along with practical tips of how YOU can make that leap in your own life.
You’ll bond over lunch with like-minded-creatives + have the opportunity to ask us ALL the questions.
Then we’ll head out to a hands-on shoot with TWO couples + EPIC mountain views, where you’ll get to watch how we direct our couples for movement + natural emotion, and then it’ll be your turn to shoot + create those emotion-filled images to kick-start your bomb-ass portfolio!!

in a nutshell

this workshop is for photographers who want to focus on intimate weddings, adventurous elopements, and couples sessions.
It will be super intimate (with maximum 10-15 attendees) so you'll have plenty of time to ask allllll the questions, chat one on one with us, learn our entire process + how we connect with our couples before, during + after the shoot, and then you'll get your own time to direct each couple as well!
We want you to leave with a full mind, heart, and camera card.

if that sounds like what you need in yo’ life then DUDE,